Frequently Asked Questions

The University of Minnesota Duluth Police Department (UMDPD) is a community-focused law enforcement agency serving the UMD campus 24 hours a day, year round. All officers are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and receive extensive training in crisis intervention and de-escalation. In responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service and while proactively protecting our community, UMDPD strives to serve with the highest level of care and compassion, while maintaining a safe and welcoming community for all.

Are you real police?

Yes, all police officers employed by the University of Minnesota Duluth Police Dept. are licensed by the State of MN P.O.S.T. board.

How do I contact the UMD Police?

There are several ways, if it is an emergency immediately dial 911. In the event a non-emergency you can call the St. Louis County non-emergency line at 218-625-3581.  For general questions you can call 218-726-7000 or email us at [email protected]

Do the police at UMD work for the city of Duluth?

No, the UMD Police Dept. is part of the University and is dedicated to the University. However we often work with the surrounding law enforcement agencies.

What should I do if my friend or roommate is drunk, passed out, and will not wake up?

You should call 911 immediately. You should not delay in calling as any delay could be life threatening depending on the level of intoxication. The PD's main focus is to get your friend immediate medical attention and not to get you or your friend in trouble. The health and well-being of your friend should far outweigh any concerns about disciplinary action.

When should I call 911?

Please follow the link for more information about 911 and when you should call 911 FAQ.

Where can I find information about snow or other weather-related emergencies?

Along with the local TV and Radio stations, you can call the Universities weather hotline at 218-726-SNOW.

What is the UMD Police jurisdiction?

The University of Minnesota Duluth Police Department (UMDPD) is responsible for policing and investigating crimes that occur on property owned, leased or operated by the University of Minnesota on the Duluth Campus. This property consists of academic buildings, parking facilities and property surrounding the facilities. The University also owns and maintains several roadways that run through campus. Neighborhoods and business districts surrounding the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus fall under the jurisdiction of the Duluth Police Department. However, UMDPD has a stake in keeping the greater campus community, where students live, work, and recreate, safe. UMDPD officers assist our neighboring jurisdictions by patrolling and responding to calls for service.

Duluth Police Dept.

St. Louis County Sheriff's Dept.