Shelter In Place

Shelter in Place Procedures
There are a number of emergency situations during which building or facility evacuation is not the best solution and may not be advisable. In such cases, shelter in place may be preferable.

Shelter in Place
One of the instructions you may be given in an emergency is to "shelter in place". This means to seek immediate refuge and remain there during an emergency.

If the emergency involves a hazardous material select a small interior room with no or few windows and take refuge there. Close windows and apply duct tape if advised to do so.

If the incident involves an armed or violent intruder or an active shooter, shelter in place or consider evacuating if it is safe to do so.

How to Shelter-In-Place:

  • Turn off lights and silence phones and electronic devices
  • Find a place to hide and/or safely secure yourself.
  • Block entry to your place of shelter (lock or barricade doors and entryways).
  • Hide in your place of shelter and remain silent.
  • Keep cellphones or electronic devices with you.
  • Call 911 if safe to speak aloud.
  • Refer to, if possible, for current information about the situation.

Remain sheltered in place until directed to discontinue by official advisement ( UMD Police Department order, UMD emergency text messaging system or email, advisement by bona fide emergency services personnel).
The vastness of UMD's buildings and facilities and its large number of students, employees, and visitors make lockdown procedures impractical and potentially unsafe. Only in rare circumstances will a UMD building or facility be locked-down. In all other situations that warrant large-scale protective measures, a shelter-in-place advisory will be issued and followed.