Jurisdiction & Department Information


The University of Minnesota Duluth Police Department (UMDPD) is responsible for policing and investigating crimes that occur on property owned, leased or operated by the University of Minnesota on the Duluth Campus. Our Clery Act geography website page presents our areas of operation and responsibility. This property consists of academic buildings, parking facilities and property surrounding the facilities. The University also owns and maintains several roadways that run through campus.

Neighborhoods and business districts surrounding the University of Minnesota-Duluth campus fall under the jurisdiction of the Duluth Police Department. However, UMDPD has a stake in keeping the greater campus community, where students live, work, and recreate, safe. UMDPD officers assist our neighboring jurisdictions by patrolling and responding to calls for service.

Duluth Police Dept.

St. Louis County Sheriff's Dept.


Mental Health De-escalation, and Diversity

UMDPD meets and exceeds training mandates in the areas of diversity and de-escalation. All UMD Police Officers have attended 40 hours of Crisis Intervention Training and receive continuing refresher training and updates. Officers also receive training in and recognizing and valuing community diversity and cultural differences (including implicit bias training and de-escalation tactics).

UMDPD has also established the following ongoing training programs:

  • "Campus Racial Diversity and Effective Communications in Law Enforcement"
  • "Cultural Sensitive/Trauma Informed Investigations"

UMDPD leadership has completed UMD's Intercultural Leadership Development program (ILD).

UMDPD officers participate in additional training offerings on an ongoing basis in the areas of diversity and de-escalation through a web-based training program called "Peace officer Accredited TRaining OnLine" (PATROL) through the League of Minnesota Cities.

Training topics include:

  • Use of Force De-escalation
  • Mental Health Crisis Response
  • Implicit Bias

Contracts and Agreements

UMDPD has formal agreements with the Duluth Police Department (DPD) and other local law enforcement agencies to assist each other when needed (mutual aid) and in our mutual use of the same police records management system, which saves UMD thousands of dollars each year.

UMDPD also contracts with DPD and other law enforcement agencies as needed for explosive detection canine services for sweeps of large-scale public events.